Monday, 18 December 2017

My Personal Perfume Wardrobe - Persolaise Video On Feelunique's YouTube Channel

For my final Feelunique video, I was asked to talk about a few scents which I actually wear: personal favourites that feature in my scent wardrobe. This gave me an opportunity not just to mention classics from Guerlain and Dior, but also to include gems from Tauer, Neela Vermeire and Vero Profumo.

I hope you enjoy the video. If you'd like to watch it on the YouTube site, please click here.



  1. Onda <3 ...I think I'll wear the rest of my sample tonight to the theater. Thanks for reminding me.
    My favourites are mostly 80-ies perfumes, mainly Italians: Armani, Jil Sander III, Trussardi Donna, V/E Versace, Ted Lapidus, Clinique Wrappings and many more. I wish I could have a lifetime supply of them.

    1. Neva, thanks for writing... and thanks for reminding me about the 80s.

      Isn't it wonderful that Wrappings is still around?

    2. Yes, but hard to find anywhere but in Harrod's (which is not really around the corner from my home ;-) Wrappings still is similar to the original, it has only lost its depth a little bit but I can live with that.

    3. Ah, I was too scared to ask you outright if it's still similar. Pleased to learn tat you give it the thumbs up :-)


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