Thursday, 8 June 2017

Is There Too Much Perfume - Persolaise In Issue 2 of Tauer Mag

image: Tauer Mag

Thanks to my age and background, I have strong memories of 1980s Communist Poland. During those constraining times, if you wanted to buy a car - assuming you had enough money and you'd somehow managed to get yourself on the 18+ month waiting list - the choice was simple. You went for a Fiat 126p, the tinny, two-door, 1970s-born successor to the Fiat 500, with the 'p' at the end of the model number indicating that it was built east of the Iron Curtain. Or you could have a 125p, which gave you two, whole, additional doors. Or, if you were being really reckless with the family fortune, you could order a Polonez, the hatchback which once earned a spot on Jeremy Clarkson's list of the worst vehicles ever. And that was pretty much it. One out of three. Don‘t like any of them? Catch the bus.

I'm delighted to announce that the latest issue of Tauer Mag from Andy Tauer features another contribution from yours truly: a piece considering the question of whether we have too much perfume. The magazine also contains an interview with Lizzie Ostrom about her work on the upcoming perfume exhibition at Somerset House, as well as an account of one of Andy's trips to the US. It's available only in print form; please click here for more info.



  1. I have a slightly soft spot for anything 80's/90's from Poland, because I love some of the films from Agnes Holland and, of course, Kieslowski. I know, I know-I am a cliche. I still love opaque tights and matte lipstick. But this post resonated with me, and so I thought I would say hello, and tell you I am enjoying the Facebook live work you have produced recently. It's a fun format.
    Thank for hours of enjoyable reading,

    1. Carole, you had me at Kieslowski. My all-time favourite director. And thanks so much for the kind words and the support :-)

  2. Too many perfumes, beers, wines, restaurants, cereals, lipsticks.

    Too few airlines, drug companies, political parties, schools, hospitals, drug companies.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm curious you feel there are too few airlines :-)


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