Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New Perfume Space At Selfridges & London Perfume Shopping Guide Updates

image: Selfridges

As it's been almost a year since I posted my all-new London Perfume Shopping Guide, I thought I ought to give it a bit of a plug. I've been updating it regularly, so please do take a moment to check out its current version (click here). Its most significant recent development is the inclusion of a brand new fragrance and home scent space on the ground floor of Selfridges. It replaces the niche-like counters they had on the lower ground floor (which stocked Diptyque and L'Artisan Parfumeur) and it brings several new brands onto the store's roster, including - surprise surprise - Frederic Malle, which is clearly going through an expansion following its acquisition by Estée Lauder. Selfridges have also managed to get nationwide exclusivity for L'Artisan Parfumeur, which means that their London store is now the only place in the city where you can sample the Puig-owned brand's wares and check out their new, rather beautiful packaging. Other names you'll find in this elegant enclosure are: Penhaligon's, Ormonde Jayne, The Fragrance Kitchen, Miller Harris, Cire Trudon and Jusbox.

Happy shopping!



  1. Thanks a lot for the update and for all the information one can find in your Perfume shopping guide. I always thought Paris is the only place to do perfume sniffing properly. It's great to know that London has also a wide choice. Is there any place in London where one can find American perfumers like Antonia's Flowers, Aftelier, Bruno Fazzolari...?

    1. Neva, as always, thank YOU for reading.

      Yes, London is without question a very serious scent destination now. Most brands consider it very important to have a presence in the city.

      Unfortunately, no, I don't think those brands are available, although I'd love to be proved wrong. For a while, you could get some Aftelier scents through an online, UK-based retailer, but it's closed down now.

  2. I believe Space NK stocks some of the Antonia's Flowers range...


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