Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Looking For Something Unique - Harrods' Mia Collins On The Salon De Parfums

image: Harrods
"We had a Portuguese craftsman come to hand paint all of the gold leaf detailing on the oak panels, in the Henry Jacques boutique; we had a team from Italy lovingly install the Murano light fitting in the Xerjoff boutique and over 3,000 origami flowers were created in France for the Dior boutique."
The words above are from Mia Collins, Harrods' Head Of Beauty, and they refer to one of last year's most high-profile additions to London's perfume shopping scene, the Salon De Parfums. To read the rest of my interview with Collins - which covers the development of the space as well as Harrods' plans for its future - please click on this link to Basenotes.



  1. Can't wait to visit London some time again... :-) It looks glamorous indeed, but Harrods' is not the usual department store, so I did not expect anything less. Which brands are represented in the Salon except the few mentioned ones?

    1. Neva, thanks very much for stopping by. You'll probably find the answer to your question in this piece I wrote about the Salon a little while ago:

      Be sure to check out my London Perfume Shopping guide for further updated.


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