Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fragrance Foundation UK Awards On Thursday

Those of you who enjoy keeping track of what the industry selects as the finest examples of perfumery may be interested to learn that the UK's Fragrance Foundation Awards (formerly known as the FiFis) will be handed out on the evening of 14th May. The likes of L'Homme Ideal, Ginepro Di Sardegna and Costa Azzurra will be battling it out for the title of Best Male Fragrance; contenders for the Best Female Fragrance prize include La Panthère, Rosa Nobile and Black Opium. I was fortunate enough to be a judge in two categories this year: Best Independent Fragrance (an award which I will have the tremendous honour of presenting to its winner) and Perfume Extraordinaire (in which scents are judged 'blind'). For a full list of the nominees, please click here. Mobile phone signal (or wifi) permitting, I shall be tweeting the results as they're announced... and if I'm very clever, I'll attach a Twitter widget to the bottom of this post, just to make your lives that much easier. The hashtag for the evening will be #FragranceAwardsUK.

May the best perfumes win!


PS Here we go. This widget should show every tweet which contains the #FragranceAwardsUK hashtag, so if you'd like to join the conversation on Thursday, remember to use the hashtag.

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