Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bertrand Duchaufour On Habit Rouge

One of the most prolific and highly-respected perfumers of our time, Bertrand Duchaufour has never concealed his admiration for the work of Guerlain. Here's his contribution to my series of posts marking the 50th anniversary of Habit Rouge:

"What I can say about Habit Rouge except that it is still a very classical, beautiful Guerlain-style fragrance. Fresh, very citrusy on the top, based, for me, on a sparkling petitgrain, neroli, bergamot (and citron?) accord, with a touch of tarragon or basil and some spices. The rest seems to be made on a Shalimar shape (oriental, leather, animalic...) It's still made in the old-fashioned mood of Guerlain fragrances. Beautiful, elegant, rich in naturals, but with a certain lack of long-lasting-ness, characteristic of old fragrances."

Tomorrow, find out what Cartier's perfumer, Mathilde Laurent - who used to work at Guerlain - has to say about the scent.


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