Friday, 24 May 2019

Persolaise Love At First Scent Episodes 31 & 32 Now On YouTube - featuring Cuir Intense from Guerlain, Musc Shamal from Armani Privé & Naughty Fruity from Mugler, amongst others

Not one, but two new videos on YouTube! Episodes 31 and 32 of Love At First Scent were recently streamed and are now permanently available for viewing. In episode 31 (click here to watch it on YouTube) I covered:

Cuir Intense from Guerlain (at the start of the video)
Naughty Fruity from Mugler (at the 14:30 minute mark)
Costa Azzurra Acqua from Tom Ford (at the 27:30 minute mark)
Janvier from Be Soliflore (at the 49:00 minute mark)
and the classic choice was
No. 19 extrait (vintage) from Chanel (at the 35:00 minute mark)

In episode 32 (click here to watch it on YouTube), we sniffed:

Musc Shamal from Armani Privé (at the start of the video)
L'Homme Ideal Cool from Guerlain (at the 15:00 minute mark)
Blu Mediterraneo Cipresso Di Toscana
from Acqua Di Parma (at the 31:00 minute mark)
Night Train from Wide Society (at the 50:30 minute mark)
Up In The Air from Wide Society (at the 57:00 minute mark)
and the classic choice was
Hiris from Hermès (at the 41:30 minute mark)

I hope you enjoy them both!


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