Saturday, 12 May 2018

Persolaise Love At First Scent Episode 15 Now On YouTube + Episode 16 Will Be Broadcast Sunday 13th May

Episode 15 of Love At First Scent (broadcast live on Friday on Facebook) is now available on YouTube; watch it above or by clicking here. In this instalment I covered

Stash from Sarah Jessica Parker SJP (at the start of the video)
Amber Musk and others from Sugandhco (at the 17:30 minute mark)
Acqua Di Neroli from Ermenegildo Zegna (at the 32:30 minute mark)
Miel D'Arabie from Chopard (at the 57:30 minute mark)

and my classic choice was
Muscs Koublai Khan from Serge Lutens (at the 47:00 minute mark)

As per usual, the original video remains on Facebook; please click here if you'd like to see it on that platform.

Finally, in a break from the usual pattern, the next episode will be broadcast tomorrow, Sunday 13th May, at 5 pm UK time (12 pm New York time) on YouTube Live. Click here to be taken to my YouTube channel.



  1. On Sugandhco; I tried to place an order there (I blame you...), but no sign of int shipping, I'm afraid.
    I enjoy your episodes very much 😊

    1. What???! Oh no! How annoying. I'm so sorry about that: there are signs all over their shop saying the ship internationally.

      I'll try contacting them to see if I can find out info.

      Do you mind my asking where you're based?

      Thanks for watching the video, though.

    2. Dear Britt, they do ship anywhere in the world. For this you just have to email them your requirements and address. Cheers!

    3. Britt, check out Blehner's comment below; it's very helpful.

  2. Wonderful Episode! Thank you Persolaise for the LAFS :)

    I am very intrigued by your reviews of the Sugandco scents! I went online and could not see an international shipping option, but I emailed them and they got right back with me.

    They let me know I could place the order over email – I am in the US – here is the US shipping info they sent:

    The shipping charges to USA per Fedex/DHL are as below:
    Upto 6x10ml Attar Bottles or 0.5 kg gross weight : US$ 30
    Upto 12x10ml Attar Bottles or 1.0 kg gross weight : US$ 40

    I could not see Gulbahaar online, but it is available. So, I’m considering ordering 6 attars.

    I am curious what else you ordered in addition to the four scents you covered in episode 16?


    1. Blehnner, this is so very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write.

      I was fortunate enough to be in the actual shop in Lucknow, so I haven't yet had to do a mail order with them, but since you've asked, I bought:

      Amber Musk (as in the video)
      Ruh Khus (Indian vetivert oil)
      Black Oud

      and far too many incense sticks than I should have :-D

  3. Meant to say, “episode 15”


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