Monday, 30 April 2018

Persolaise Love At First Scent Episode 14 On YouTube

The latest episode of Love At First Scent (broadcast live on Friday) has now been permanently uploaded to YouTube. You can watch it above or by clicking here. In this edition I covered

Ombre Nomade from Louis Vuitton (at the start of the video)
Aqua Celestia Forte from Maison Francis Kurkdjian (at the 16:00 minute mark)
Champ De Fleurs from L'Artisan Parfumeur (at the 27:30 minute mark)
L'Homme Ideal Intense from Guerlain (at the 1:01:30 minute mark)
and my classic choice was
Gold Man from Amouage (at the 42:30 minute mark)

A copy of the video has also been uploaded to Facebook, so if you'd prefer to watch it there, please click here.



  1. Hello Persolaise,
    Thank you for trying youtube live, so us non-facers could also join in! Thanks for the reviews and the good laugh as well:).
    Side question: is it possible that You might review any of Jean-Paul Guerlain's exclusive line next time?
    Have a nice sunny day,

    1. Elvanui, thanks very much for joining in.

      I am extremely curious about the new scents from JPG, but I don't know how to get my hands on some samples. I shall have to investigate...


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