Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Persolaise Interviews Christopher Chong In The Latest Nez + Next Facebook Live This Friday

"I don't think any of my perfumes are strange, maybe because I live with them every single second of my life. It's like having a child. Even if your child is a little bit odd, you don't see it. They seem normal to you. I have heard a lot of people telling me that my perfumes are not that easy to understand. But that is what I want to do. At least I have the guts to push the olfactive palette, like people used to do in the last century. And I want the customers to work hard with me and take the time to understand the journey."
I'm genuinely proud to announce that the latest issue of Nez magazine, available in both French and English, features a piece I wrote about Amouage's Creative Director, Christopher Chong. Needless to say, it also contains several other articles worthy of your time, so if you'd like to find out how you can get your hands on a copy, please click here.

Don't forget that I'm hoping to broadcast the eleventh episode of Love At First Scent on Facebook Live (click here) on Friday 12th January at 2:30 pm UK time (9:30 am New York time). I plan to start with the new Private Blend from Tom FordVanille Fatale. Please try to tune in.


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