Monday, 28 August 2017

Persolaise Love At First Scent Episode 5 On YouTube

Episode 5 of my Facebook Live Love At First Scent series - complete with its annoying technical issue - is now on YouTube; watch it by clicking above or going to the YouTube site (please click here). In this instalment I covered

Lui from Guerlain
Naja from Vero Profumo
Elements Of Man: Integrity from Ermenegildo Zegna
Garden Roses from Burberry
Beach Hut Man from Amouage

The original video is still on Facebook (click here), so please head over there if you'd like to see the interaction which took place during the live stream.



  1. Hi, Thank you for Ep5 of Love at First Scent. Enjoyed your talk on the latest releases. Have you heard any 'insider news' about the launch of Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours in the UK? It's already on the counters across the pond.

    1. BeeGee, thanks so much for watching. And no, I'm afraid I haven't yet. I'll try to get some info.


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