Monday, 3 July 2017

Persolaise Sixty Second Scents: L'Eau from Tauer Perfumes (Andy Tauer; 2017) + Love At First Scent Is Back On Friday!

My latest Sixty Second Scents review is on a new release from Andy Tauer: a modern cologne called L'Eau. To watch it on the YouTube site, please click here.


This Friday, 8th July, at 2:30 pm (UK time) please tune in to my Facebook page (click here) for Episode 4 of Love At First Scent, my series of live broadcasts in which I smell new releases for the first time on camera and try to put my initial impressions into words for you. To see the previous episodes, please click here.



  1. Sounds good. It proves, once again, that Andy is a modern day alchemist :)

    1. Prince Barry, he's certainly good at making gold :-)

  2. Loving this format, very condensed and effective.

    The videos with the girls (the Perfume Pros) are totally different but a lot of fun. Keep up the great work!

    1. CdP, thanks so much for your comment :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the videos.


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