Friday, 28 July 2017

Perfume Mini-Reviews From Twitter: April to June 2017 [part 1]

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Pelargonium from Aedes De Venustas (Nathalie Feisthauer; 2017)*
A geranium carved out of pine, sprinkled with lemon and infused with white incense. Elegant and decorous.

Oud Essentiel from Guerlain (Thierry Wasser; 2017)*
Yes, another rosy-leathery-woody oud. But it's well done. And it gets the thumbs up from the oud-loving Madame P.

Hyacinth & A Mechanic from Tauerville (Andy Tauer; 2016)**
As it says, bold, diffusive hyacinth contrasted with greasy overalls and a leather belt. Total delight to wear.

Colonia Ebano from Acqua Di Parma (2017)*
Flinty, gunpowdery, nocturnal woods linked with touch of florals and tart berries. Very interesting work.

Delina from Parfums De Marly (Quentin Bisch; 2017)*
Well, what can I say? Pink is certainly the right colour for the bottle. Cloying pears, apples & papaya. Unhealthy.

Heat Wave from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Opium-inspired boozy-floral with sheer, shiny wood notes. Its elegant coolness feels more like an antidote to a heatwave.

Day For Night from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Transparent, inscrutable & pale floral-oriental with leather hints. So intent on being subtle, it ends up forgettable.

Double Dare from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Again, that characteristics Prada/Andrier soapy silence, here linked with a whispering suggestion of suede. Very polite.

Purple Rain from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Immaculate citrus musks, a la Bulgari Pour Homme. Then a pale iris. You know when you want to shout in a quiet room...

Un Chant D'Amour from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Well-rendered neroli / orange blossom, all pillowy promises and soothing glances. For once, the soapy drydown works.

Tainted Love from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Olfactories rendition of the retro lipstick/violet accord, with that wan Prada/Andrier restraint. Unremarkably pleasant.

Cargo De Nuit from Prada (Daniela Andrier; 2015)*
Unengaging, musky-cedar composition, with that obligatory soapy-iris note. Not a cargo I'd be tempted to loot.


* sample provided by the brand
** sample obtained by the author
*** sample provided by Bloom Perfumery


  1. Carolyn Middleton28 July 2017 at 16:53

    Hyacinth and A Mechanic -what a cracking name! Based on what you said, it's on my list to sniff in London in December!

    1. Carolyn, yes, it's wonderful, but sadly, it's available only at specific events hosted by Andy Tauer.

    2. Carolyn Middleton13 October 2017 at 13:17

      Thank you for letting me know about availability - I'll still visit Les Senteurs in December though!

    3. Have a great sniffathon :-)


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