Friday, 9 June 2017

Perfume Mini-Reviews From Twitter: January to March 2017 [part 2]

Part 2 of my January to March 2017 Twitter mini-review round-up. For part 1, please click here.

Myrrh & Tonka from Jo Malone (Mathilde Bijaoui; 2016)*
Latter comes across as a fuzzy lavender; the former as brown, orange-y baked apples. A shoulder shrug in a bottle.

Baiser Fou from Cartier (Mathilde Laurent; 2017)*
Strange berries and forest fruit over bitter-honey florals and stinging citruses. Whiff of lipstick. Crimson-hued.

Arbolé Arbolé from Hiram Green (Hiram Green; 2016)**
Is it soapy leaves or sweet bubbles floating on a lily pond? Chestnuts? 80s deodorant? It's fun trying to decide.

Moon Bloom from Hiram Green (Hiram Green; 2013)**
I guess Mr Green thinks la luna is a tuberose garden. Gorgeous, retro take on the flower, with resins & animalics.

Shangri La from Hiram Green (Hiram Green; 2014)**
After uncertain, murky start, the spices & balsams settle into a slinky oriental in the 70s style. Shades of Opium.

Bouquet Massai from Parfumerie Générale (Pierre Guillaume; 2016)***
Artery-clogging sweet violet heading to sticky, pink cough syrup. Has a girly, unsophisticated appeal.

Morning Chess from Vilhelm Parfumerie (Jerome Epinette; 2015)*
Inspired by (or cloned from?) Tuscan Leather. Predictable tannery-centred affair for nouveau riche types.

Modest Mimosa from Vilhelm Parfumerie (Jerome Epinette; 2016)*
Suitably buttery, creamy & yellow. Mimosa effect sustained to drydown. One of this brand's better scents.

Stockholm 1978 from Vilhelm Parfumerie (Jerome Epinette; 2015)*
Chopped herbs and geranium oil scattered over an elegant suede bag. Works well, in gentle, simple fashion.

A Lilac A Day from Vilhelm Parfumerie (Jerome Epinette; 2016)*
Hmmm, you say lilac, I say hyacinth. Either way, over-synthetic nature of composition spoils the illusion.

Dear Polly from Vilhelm Parfumerie (Jerome Epinette; 2015)*
Apple tea + lemon meringue tart. You can almost see the pastry. Less involving drydown. Pleasant. Innocuous.

The Oud Affair from Vilhelm Parfumerie (Jerome Epinette; 2015)*
Joyous collision of pipe tobacco, saffron, ginger, honey, leather & sharp bitter herbs. No oud in sight.


* sample provided by the brand
** sample obtained by the author
*** sample provided by Bloom Perfumery

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