Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Persolaise Shortlisted For 4 2015/16 UK Jasmine Awards

Please forgive a paragraph of immodest self-promotion. This year's Jasmine Awards shortlists were announced on Friday and I was delighted and honoured to learn that four efforts penned by me have been nominated across four different categories: 'Independent - Literary', 'Independent - Soundbite', 'Digital' and 'Practical Guide' (click on the category names to find out precisely which pieces have been selected). Out of curiosity, I decided to add up the number of my articles which have been shortlisted since I started writing about perfume... and I discovered that the total comes to a gluttonous 14! My cup runneth over. I'd like to extend warm congratulations to all the other shortlisted writers, many of whom are dear friends in the scent-writing community. To see the complete list of nominees, please click here. The winners will be announced on the 16th of March.



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