Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The 500 Greatest Modern Perfumes On Basenotes

Oh my goodness! Geek fest! Look at what Basenotes are doing. To celebrate their 15th anniversary, they've compiled a list of the "greatest perfumes" - as per various criteria described on the site - released since 2000. As I type these words, numbers 500 to 480 have been revealed... and several wonderful surprises have already popped up, including the appearance of Neela Vermeire's masterful Trayee (composed by Bertrand Duchaufour) at number 498. Early indications are that the final list will form a fascinating chronicle of the last 15 years of perfumery: Tauer's Eau D'Épices, Gucci's Eau De Parfum II, Britney Spears' Fantasy and Guerlain's L'Homme Ideal are all within heavy breathing distance of each other. Poignantly, Basenotes' editors have indicated that many of the fragrances on the list are no longer in production. To start reading the rundown, please click here.


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