Monday, 7 September 2015

A Therapeutic Business

Although the blue skies outside my window would suggest otherwise, the chill in the night air and my calendar tell me that summer is definitely over. Soon, I hope to start gearing into pre-Christmas mode (profuse apologies for using the 9-letter word in September), but the demands of every day life are quite heavy at the moment, not least because we're caring for an extremely unwell, Eau Sauvage-loving relative. Priorities shift. Plans change. A few weeks ago, I was certain I'd be going to Florence for the Pitti fragrance exhibition this weekend. Now, I'm less sure. I'll have to wait and see how the situation develops. In the meantime, the plums in the garden need picking. Always something to do... but I don't mind if it results in making jam, which is often a therapeutic business. Plus, it fills the house with the most comforting scents.

I hope the summer treated all of you well!



  1. Praying 110% healing again for your loved one!! :-) and you!!

    1. Linda, that's really very, very sweet of you. Thank you :-)

  2. Of course priorities must shift... and I wish your relative all the best.
    I would like also to take the opportunity to thank you for your generosity in sharing with total strangers your passion and expertise.
    Reading you is such a treat !

    1. Sylviane, thank you very much for your kind words. And thank you so much for reading. I really and truly appreciate it.


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