Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Favourite Incense Perfumes In The Scented Letter + Brief Word On Olivier Polge Interview

I am genuinely excited to announce that the latest edition of The Scented Letter - the Perfume Society's Jasmine-award winning magazine - features a piece I wrote about my all-time favourite incense perfumes. As the publication is available only to fully paid-up subscribers of the Society, it would be unfair for me to list the perfumes I've included in my piece here on this blog. However, those of you who aren't already members may enjoy having your appetites whetted by these teasers...

The article brings together 12 perfumes, as follows:

  • #1 is what I've described as a "note-perfect" evocation of the "serenity inside an empty cathedral".
  • #2 is as tranquil as "a row of nuns with their heads bowed in prayer".
  • #3 is "a beast that I always enjoy trying to tame".
  • #4 is "a compelling take on modern Arabia".
  • #5 is, intriguingly, one half of an acclaimed, high street perfume.
  • #6 is a "fascinating merging of the vast and the intimate".
  • #7 uses salty facets "to maintain a secretive allure".
  • #8 is an "unstoppable hurricane".
  • #9 is "incense all dressed up and ready to kill".
  • #10 is a "bearded incense".
  • #11 is what angels wear in heaven... and, last but not least...
  • #12 is a curious combination of incense with mango. 

If that isn't enough to pique your interest, you may want to note that the issue also includes a piece about the history of incense in perfumery, as well as an article on the best scented roses to grow in one's garden and a round-up of all the latest fragrance launches. Click here to be taken to the Perfume Society's site.

Whilst I'm in linking mode, I'd like to mention an interview with Chanel's Olivier Polge, conducted by Lucia Van Der Post for How To Spend It magazine; the piece includes a couple of quotes from yours truly. If you'd like to read it, please click here.

UPDATE: In March 2016, my incense article won the 2015/16 UK Jasmine Award in the 'Independent - Soundbite' category.


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