Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fragrance Flitting - IFF Speed Smelling Comes To London

Alexis Dadier at Speed Smelling, Salon De Parfums
image: Harrods
"What raises the pitch of the event to an especially heart-rending level is the fact that none of these works will be made commercially available. They are all either too expensive or too unusual to be deemed suitable for general release. Once sniffed, they may well be gone forever."
A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of popping into Harrods' Salon De Parfums for the London debut of IFF's much-lauded Speed Smelling extravaganza, in which the brand's star perfumers - including Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Aliénor Massenet, amongst many others - presented the results of their own creative endeavours (ie not the stuff they're required to make by brands). To read my account of the experience, please click on this link to Glass.

The only thing I'd add to the piece is that if Harrods still have any stock left of the Speed Smelling Collection (details in the Glass article) I would seriously urge you to consider buying it. At £100, it isn't exactly cheap, but the sum does get you 11 x 10ml of creations which will probably never again be available in a retail setting. If the price tag is too hefty, see if you can split the purchase with one or two like-minded friends: I'm confident you won't regret parting with the cash.

UPDATE: The article has been shortlisted for a 2015/16 UK Jasmine Award in the 'Digital' category.



  1. I would really like to try it. Is there anyone in particular to contact about purchasing the set??

    1. Bgirlrhapsody, thanks for your comment. Are you based in the UK? If so, I'd suggest giving Harrods a ring.

  2. OMFG, speed smelling? Sounds hella fun, wanna try that ASAP!


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