Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Perfume Course - Design With Scents Is Back!

image: Design With Scents

Design With Scents - which, in the words of its organisers, is "the world's only workshop about the design of places through the sense of smell" - is back for its 4th edition. Once again led by Nicola Pozzani, Jo Norman and John Ayres, the course aims to help professionals and fragrance lovers "discover how scent is a powerful communication tool at work and at home." Although I haven't attended it myself - sadly, the dates have always clashed with my day job commitments - I have spoken to several people who have, and they've all raved about the experience.

According to Jo Norman, current Chair of the Jasmine Awards, the course would be ideal for "anybody who is interested in branding or design of any sort - jewellers, architects, fashion designers, artists or general fragrance enthusiasts. It's about working with smell as inspiration. We have post-grads and school leavers, retired and young. A real mix! It's multi-sensory: we have had wine enthusiasts and there is a wine tasting session. Participants create a fragrance and keep a set of oils."

The course will run from 6th to 10th July 2015 at the London College Of Fashion. For more details, please click here; to book a place, click here.


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