Friday, 20 March 2015

News: Persolaise Wins Third Jasmine Award

On Wednesday, I was thrilled to win the Jasmine Bloggers Award for my Basenotes piece on the wonderful work carried out by the Osmothèque (please click here to read it). I'd like to thank the organisers, Fragrance Foundation UK, for putting on a wonderful ceremony, the Jasmine judges for choosing to award my writing for the third time, as well as Basenotes for continuing to publish my work. Needless to say, I'd also like to congratulate all the other winners. To find out who they are, please click here and then follow the links to '2015 winners'.

Forgive this self-indulgence, but I'd just like to mention how pleased I was - on a personal level - that Dana El Masri won the Literary Award for a piece she wrote for ODOU magazine. As some of you may remember (click here to refresh your memory) Dana and I had the same English teacher many years ago. As I sat at BAFTA HQ on Wednesday morning, hearing Dana's name being read out as the winner of her category, I couldn't help thinking how mind-bendingly wonderful it was that she and I were taught by the same person whilst we were both living in Dubai, and here we now were - me in Britain, Dana in Canada - winning awards for doing something we had surely not envisaged doing whilst we were at school. I guess that's just one of those delightful surprises life has a knack of springing. Mrs V, if you're reading this: clearly, you did something right. Thank you!



  1. Congratulations on the 3rd win!Just re-read the article,the Osmotheque is definitely on my bucket-list!

    1. Johanob, thanks very much indeed. And yes, the Osmothèque is a must-see.

  2. Congratulations! It is a great acchievement so enjoy your prize.
    I like the story about the coincidence with the English teacher. It's quite incredible. I wonder if there is a way to inform your teacher about it. He/she would be very proud too. I am sure of that.

    1. Neva, thanks very much indeed. And I have managed to inform my ex-teacher :-) She was thrilled by the coincidence too!


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