Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Scent & Sensibility To Close Down - Buy Your Favourite Tauer Perfumes Now

Some of you may be aware that the Swiss franc went through what might wryly be called an 'unexpected situation' last week (click here for the BBC's description of the event and here for a Guardian piece about the immediate effects). One of the consequences is that Tauer Perfumes have had to increase their prices, in relation to the euro and and pound (click here for Andy Tauer's blog post on the subject). The ripples of this change have travelled across the Alps and the Channel, all the way to this grey little isle, with the result that Scent & Sensibility Perfume - the retailer which first brought Tauer to the UK - has decided to shut its virtual doors. The site has started a closing down sale. All its Tauer creations are being sold at last week's, pre-currency-drama prices. Whilst you ponder what long-term effects all this is going to have on the future of perfume shopping, you may want to give serious thought to spending some of your hard-earned pennies on a few of Andy's gorgeous creations. Please click here to be taken to the Scent & Sensibility Perfume site or here to see their Facebook page. Please note that S&S also offer wares from the likes of Aftelier, Soivohle, Dorissima and Andy's cinema-inspired brand, Tableau De Parfums.

Sending warmest wishes to Ronny Geller, the founder of Scent & Sensibility, together with heartfelt thanks for all the support she has given this blog over the years,



  1. Oh I am so very sorry to hear this news about Scent and Sensibility - I have purchased a few bottles of Tauer's and lots of samples from this site. Ronny Geller has been fab to buy from and always tucked in a sample of something new to try. I also just loved the name of the site ! Best Wishes to Ronny from Holly.

    1. Holly, I echo your sentiments. I understand Ronny's decision, but it's still difficult to see S&S go.

  2. Yes, it's a great pity. I took part in Ronny's 'mystery sample review' Facebook thing a few times, it was a lovely way to try new scents.
    I've been over to the site and bought Botrytis, it's so beautiful, and my sample is long since empty.


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