Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Legendary Chantal Roos On The Launch Of Her New Brand, Dear Rose

From left to right: Alexandra and Chantal Roos,
co-founders of Dear Rose
"Oh, Bloody Rose! Bloody Rose has no rose in it. It's a hypnotic white flower. It's the naughty girl. When she arrives, you don't see her. She has a drydown of patchouli. She leaves a trace. Be careful with Bloody Rose. She's kind of a bitch. But the perfumer didn't understand. The vision of the perfumer was not the vision we had. Ours was extremely chic and elegant. His vision was obvious: big breasts, big everything. One day I said, 'Stop! Go over it all again. Yours is too vulgar, too ordinary. She's not dangerous.'"
To read the rest of my interview with Chantal Roos - the woman whose work gave us YSL's Opium, Kouros, Paris and Jazz, as well as Issey Miyake's L'Eau D'Issey and Gaultier's Classique and Le Male - please click on this link to Basenotes. Amongst other subjects, Roos discusses her new brand, Dear Rose, as well as the problem with the perfume industry today and the reason why Yves Saint Laurent was worried about releasing Kouros...


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