Monday, 1 September 2014

Back To It --- Tauer's Sotto La Luna Gardenia Comes To Persolaise

Try as hard as I might, I can no longer deny that the summer is over and that it's time to get back to work... in more ways than one. I hope the last few weeks have been kind to you all. I can certainly say that my batteries have been recharged and that I'm ready for the approach of winter. I may not be feeling quite so energetic in a few weeks' time, but never mind. Whenever stress threatens to take over, I'll gaze at the picture above - taken at the café in Guerlain's flagship Paris store - and I'll wait for a sense of contentment to wash over me. Failing that, I'll down a mug of hot chocolate! gets right back into top gear tomorrow with the first instalment of an exclusive, three-part interview with Andy Tauer, in which the perfumer discusses the industry, the niche scene and, most importantly, his brand new release, Sotto La Luna Gardenia. Don't miss it!

A happy September to you all,


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