Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Caron's Pour Un Homme Celebrates 80th Birthday

One of the most beloved perfumes ever made, Ernest Daltroff's Pour Un Homme De Caron, turns 80 this year. To celebrate the occasion - and to pay homage to what is a personal favourite - I've decided to reproduce my review of the scent from my book, Le Snob: Perfume.
The very first perfume aimed specifically at men, 1934's Pour Un Homme, remains hard to beat. Despite being advertised by hirsute rugby players, it is that most peaceable of scents: a sweet lavender. There's more to it, of course (pepper and rosemary offer a hint of intrigue; vanilla suggests an oriental leaning; civet adds a measure of testosterone), but essentially, it is an unfussy affair for times when you want to smell interesting, but uncomplicated. Long may it stay with us.
To which all I would add is this: if you've never smelt it... you're in for a treat! Seek it out now.


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