Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fragrance Foundation UK FiFi Awards 2014 - Best New Fragrance Nominees

Here are Fragrance Foundation UK's nominees for what are often referred to as the two most important FiFi categories: Best New Female Fragrance and Best New Male Fragrance. Ladies' list first (links are to my own reviews):

Best New Female Fragrance
Gelsomino Nobile from Acqua Di Parma
Boss Jour Pour Femme from Hugo Boss
Modern Muse from Estée Lauder
Our Moment from One Direction
Jour D'Hermès from Hermès
Si from Giorgio Armani

It almost goes without saying that this category and the one below don't reflect the interests of blog-reading scentusiasts; I suspect very few people reading these words would agree that Boss Jour Pour Femme was one of the best scents of 2013! Nevertheless, I always find it interesting to see what the establishment chooses to single out for recognition and it's heartening that Jour D'Hermès has made it onto the list. Jean-Claude Ellena's omni-bouquet picked up the top French FiFi, so perhaps he'll be lucky in London too.

Best New Male Fragrance
Dior Homme Cologne from Christian Dior
Eau De Nuit from Giorgio Armani
Made To Measure from Gucci
Guilty Black from Gucci
Invictus from Paco Rabanne
Uomo from Ermenegildo Zegna

Surprise, surprise, there's absolutely nothing earth-shattering in the list above. But the Armani was more than pleasant, so I wouldn't object if its name emerged from the winner's envelope.

The winners will be announced tomorrow, 15th May.

Over to you: which of the above are your favourites?


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