Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fragrance Foundation UK FiFi Awards 2014 - Best New Fragrances In Limited Distribution Nominees

More FiFi UK shortlists. Today, it's the turn of what the Fragrance Foundation calls perfumes "in limited distribution", ie those which are available in a relatively small number of retail outlets. Seven contenders are battling it out in the female category (click on the links for my reviews):

Best New Female Fragrance In Limited Distribution
Gris Montaigne from Christian Dior
Oud Silk Mood from Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Peony & Blush Suede from Jo Malone
1932 from Chanel
Marni from Marni
Plum Japonais from Tom Ford
Yohji Femme from Yohji Yamamoto

I am fond of the Tom Ford, but if I had to make a choice, I'd probably end up going for Marni, mainly for its unabashed joyfulness. Then again, the austerity of Gris Montaigne's rose was impressive.

Best New Male Fragrance In Limited Distribution
Bottega Veneta Pour Homme from Bottega Veneta
Bentley For Men Intense from Bentley
Blue from Comme Des Garçons*
Eau De Monsieur from Annick Goutal
Brit Rhythm from Burberry
Rive D'Ambre from Tom Ford

My personal favourite from the above is the Bottega Veneta, one of last year's better mainstream masculines. However, I suspect Burberry may turn out to be the winner.

I'm curious: what would you have picked as the winners if you'd been on the FiFi jury?

The winners will be announced on 15th May.


* Many of you will, of course, be aware that CDG have released three scents called Blue: Blue Encens, Blue Cedrat and Blue Santal. The press release I received from the Fragrance Foundation doesn't specify which of the three has been shortlisted.

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