Friday, 2 May 2014

EU Amendments To Cosmetics Regulation - Deadline Approaches!

A brief reminder that the 14th of May is the deadline for the submission of messages to the EU's public consultation on proposed amendments to the Cosmetics Regulation. Some of you may recall that in February, I posted a sample letter which any of you are free to amend/tweak and send to the commission. Please click here to read it.

I must also mention that the people at Parfumo have published an excellent petition on this subject which anyone in the world may sign. Please click here to read it and please do consider adding your name to it. Its approach is quite different from (and probably far more appropriate than) the one I took in my letter, but I guess you can send off the one and sign the other. I can't imagine there's any harm in launching a two-pronged attack. 



  1. I and several friends did indeed "do both" - we are all of the same mind as yourself - too many is never enough! Thank you for staying on top of this and making the information available.

    1. SallyM, thank YOU for taking the time to make your views known to the EU!


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