Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fragrance Foundation UK FiFi Awards 2014 - Best New Independent Fragrance Nominees

Fragrance Foundation UK have released the shortlist for what is perhaps considered to be the most exciting FiFi Award by die-hard scentusiasts: Best New Independent Fragrance. The definition of 'independent' still isn't as clear-cut as some would like it to be, but essentially it refers to the lack of backing from a large distribution/PR network. Here are the lucky nominees (links are to my own reviews):

Best New Independent Fragrance
Dries Van Noten from Frederic Malle
1996 from Byredo
Iris Prima from Penhaligon's
Lune De Givre from Cloon Keen Atelier
Soulle Ámbar from Floris
Vaara from Penghaligon's

As last year, the entries were judged by this year's Jasmine Award winners, and I can't say I envy them their task: I'm not sure I'd be able to choose between the Malle and the Byredo. The latter is gloriously odd and the former is... well, glorious. Mind you, the judges may not have fallen for these two in the same way I did. And the scoring system also obliges the assessment process to take into account factors such as the appearance of the perfumes' bottles as well as their packaging. In other words, the field is wide open. I shall be most curious to see who the winner is on the 15th of May.

Have your say: which of the above do you think deserves to walk away with the FiFi?



  1. My vote definitely goes to Dries van Noten. Like you said, glorious. I can't for the life of me figure out why the Penhaligon's fragrances are up there, though, I can think of far more deserving indie offerings.

    1. Vagabond, I adore DVN too.

      To pick up on your point re: other indie offerings...

      It's worth bearing in mind that brands have to submit perfumes to the Fragrance Foundation for consideration. It's not like, say, the Oscars, where every movie shown in LA during a certain year automatically becomes eligible for consideration.

      There is a cost involved with submitting a perfume. To some brands, it's probably peanuts, but I should imagine that to others, it's quite substantial.

      Some brands - including a few notable niche houses - have decided not to submit perfumes on principle, ie they don't wish to be involved with the awards scene.

      So the shortlist above reflects what the judges thought were the best fragrances amongst those which were entered for the award.

  2. Well...I bought two bottles of 1996 that as my vote!The Dries van Noten is also good

    1. Johanob, two bottles! That's quite an endorsement :-)

    2. It is really good,and really hard to find in South Africa,and also apparently ltd edition?.But I love it,so a back-up was called for.;-))

    3. Johanob, buying a back-up bottle of your favourites sounds like a very sensible policy :-)


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