Monday, 3 February 2014

Persolaise Shortlisted Twice For 2013 Jasmine Awards

The shortlist for this year's Jasmine 'Digital' Award has just been released and I'm excited (make that: 'ecstatically over the moon') to announce that my name appears on it twice. I genuinely cannot believe my good fortune. My thanks go to the Jasmine judges for the tremendous honour, to Basenotes and Grant Osborne for continuing to publish my work and, of course, to all my readers for being such an all-round wonderful bunch. My heartfelt congratulations go out to all the other nominated writers.

Here's the shortlist in full. Click on each article's title to read it.

2013 Jasmine Award - Digital

The award ceremony will take place on 12th March. May the best article win!

UPDATE: 4th February 2014

All the shortlists for this year's Jasmine Awards will be made public by Fragrance Foundation UK tomorrow. But in the meantime, here are the nominees for the other digital category, dubbed 'Best Digital Experience'. The distinction made by the Fragrance Foundation between the two categories is that 'Digital' is concerned with "excellence in writing and originality" whereas 'Best Digital Experience' "is judged on creativity, style and content".

2013 Jasmine Award - Best Digital Experience



  1. Yah Yay! I have read the "The Power To Make Your Heart Kinder - Japan’s Kodo Ceremony Comes To London" several times. Outstanding for many reasons.

  2. Congratulations. Very well deserved. I always really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Chris, that's very sweet of you, thank you.

  3. You didn't really just dismiss the writing abilities of an entire category of nominees, did you?

    1. Err... I certainly didn't mean to. I've re-read my post and I think I can see the sentence which might have led you to make your comment, Anon. I'll try to change it to make it clearer.


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