Tuesday, 26 November 2013

From Mick To Madonna - The Winner Of The Etat Libre D'Orange Competition

A big Thank you to everyone who entered last week's Etat Libre D'Orange competition. From your submissions, it looks as though you had tremendous fun trying to match the various public figures to the brand's scents. I confess I did chuckle when I saw how many of you reckoned that David Beckham would be paired up with Delicious Closet Queen (Freudian slip or wishful thinking?) and also when it became clear that most of you had decided poor Paris Hilton couldn't be anything other than a Hotel Slut. But of course, the person whose views matter the most in this situation is Etienne De Swardt. So here comes the reveal you've been waiting for, complete with the man's comments and explanations:


The Dalai Lama - "Antihéros, definitely."

Paris Hilton - "Hotel Slut."

Barack Obama - "I don't want to say Eloge Du Traitre, because I like the guy, but when you're a politician, you're definitely just a f***ing bastard traitor. But no, that's not right for him. I'd say Vierges Et Toreros could be a good one for Obama."

François Hollande - "Eloge Du Traitre. I'm fully betrayed by our politicians. I don't have any faith any more."

Mick Jagger - "A naughty one. Delicious Closet Queen."

David Beckham - "Jasmin Et Cigarette, because in fact that's one of the best masculines in the range."

Madonna - "Archives 69, because I think 'The End Of Innocence' could be a good tagline for Madonna. Archives 69 has been conceived for when you've been truly in love with somebody and you've been through pain and a truly dark time in your life, and then you are reborn, and you fall in love once again, but you're not naive any more. You go for it, you surrender yoursef, you love again, but you're not naive. And I think Madonna isn't naive any more. She's not into that success of the 80s any more. She has a beautiful 'musical phoenix' attitude. And Archives 69 is for the beauty and sex appeal of a woman of a certain age."

Björk - "Secretions Magnifique. I've just seen a book from the 80s about intimate piercings, and one girl in the book was very much like Björk, and when I saw it I said that Secretions Magnifique would stand for Björk."


Only a couple of you managed to score 2 marks out of the possible 8. Both Alexander Q and Lean scored 3 marks each, which means I had to enlist the aid of Random.org to determine the final winner... and I'm very pleased to be able to announce that the prize goes to:

Alexander Q (see below)

Congratulations to you! Please send your postal address to me at persolaise at gmail dot com, together with your choice of ELDO scent, and I'll ask the team at the Paris store to get your prize to you.

Commiserations to everyone else, but, once again, thanks for entering. And finally, one more thank you to Etienne De Swardt and Etat Libre D'Orange for making this competition possible.

Be sure to come back on Wednesday 4th December for another fantastic give-away!


UPDATE 1/12/13: The original winner hasn't made contact with me, so as per the Terms & Conditions, an alternative winner has been selected. I'm pleased to say that it is Lean. If you could send your postal address to persolaise at gmail dot com please, Lean, I'd be grateful. And don't forget to let me know which ELDO scent you'd like to receive. 


  1. I guess Etienne and I are on starkly different wavelengths! :D Congratulations to Alexander Q!

    1. Vagabond, some of his choices are quite surprising, aren't they?

  2. Ah so close! Thank you though, this was a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks for entering, Lean :-)

    2. Lean, I've had to select an alternative winner and I'm pleased to say that it's you! Please send your postal details to persolaise at gmail dot com when you can. Thanks.

    3. Wow! Thank you! I'm so thrilled! I am sending you my information now.

    4. Lean, thank you, I've received it.

  3. Oh god, I've been very busy lately and completely forgot about the contest! My bad! That was fun anyway. Congrats to Lean!

    1. Alexander Q, I'm really sorry. I did do my best to get in touch with you.


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