Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Make Perfume Not War - Histoires De Parfums' Gérald Ghislain Turns To Charity

A few days ago, I bemoaned perfume brands' growing reliance on unconvincing stories to sell their wares. Well, round about the same time, as if on cue, an email popped into my Inbox from Histoires De Parfums' founder Gérald Ghislain, containing a 'story' infinitely more meaningful than the usual run of scented narratives. Ghislain has set up a charity he's called Make Perfume Not War which aims "to finance associations and charitable projects that promote and enhance the development and well-being of children worldwide through education, the arts, sports, technology and microfinance."

The organisation's first initiative is the creation of a limited edition perfume (price: $205, $50 of which goes to the charity; click here for more info). Aside from the worthy cause, what piqued my interest was the tongue-in-cheek notes list, which treats these wearisome blurbs with the facetiousness they deserve:

A citrus activist leaps for a rush of freedom in perfect citrusy tranquility, followed by flowers and fruits that come together in a soft and milky heart. Peace finally arrives on the scene, lulled by a trail of musk.

I have no idea what the perfume's like, but if it's similar to the rest of HdP's output, I'm sure it's worth trying. I'm certainly considering buying a bottle.


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