Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I Love You, Man - Male Relationships In Pictures

My recent review of Aramis' Perfume Calligraphy Rose and my suggestion that Etro's current male clothing collection would go well with Tauer's Une Rose Chypree prompted several interesting emails from readers on the subject of gender politics and which perfumes are 'appropriate' for guys. As chance would have it, a few days ago, a relative sent me a link to a piece on the Art Of Manliness site which uses a fascinating stash of old photos to explore attitudes towards masculine sexuality and relationships between men. Do take a moment to check it out, even if only to look at the pictures. As the article suggests, to a certain extent, we are all constructs of the cultures which have shaped us. If we choose to ignore this, we do so at our peril and at the risk of succumbing to the corrosive effects of bigotry and narrow-mindedness. I leave you with this thought as I reach for a quick spritz of Nahema.



  1. Thank you for fighting against narrow-mindedness! We are indeed constructs of the cultures that shape us. To add to the article, men in South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh commonly hold hands as an expression of their friendship, without connoting anything at all about their sexuality. With regard to perfume, men of different cultures and different ages have worn so many different types of perfumes, amongst which include what would nowadays be classified by the average consumer shopping at a department store as 'for women only'.

    I'm off to spritz on some Carnal Flower.

    1. Vagabond, yes, thanks for that; you're absolutely right. The sight of Pakistani men holding hands in a totally platonic way is not at all uncommon.

      And Carnal Flower is an amazing choice :-)

  2. I happen to be wearing Nahema today,isn't it lovely for both genders and anything inbetween.

    1. Angie, Nahema is incredible beyond description!


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