Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Not A Middle Eastern Brand - An Interview With Thameen Founder, Basel Binjabr

There's a new perfume brand at Selfridges and - surprise surprise - it hails from the Arab world... or does it? Click here to read my Basenotes interview with its founder, Basel Binjabr, in which he tries to explain why he doesn't want his venture, Thameen, to be associated with any particular part of the world. And while you're at it, spare a moment for the reader comments at the end. Many of them revolve around Binjbar's views on niche scents and the role of the Internet in the perfume industry.



  1. Very interesting interview (and comments). Sad that he seemingly wants to turn his back on the Middle East market despite the obvious connections and vast potential. Too bad, I love the packaging and the idea of putting Taif Rose in most of the scents. I would love to give them a sniff. Maybe he will change his mind and release them in Dubai soon....

    1. Dubaiscents, thanks very much indeed. Perhaps he will change his mind, if his perfumes do well at Selfridges.


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