Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Chandler Burr's Secret Perfumer Answers Readers' Questions

Image: OpenSky

Those of you who follow Chandler Burr's thought-provoking Untitled Series on OpenSky will no doubt be aware that 'Season 1' has reached its tenth and final episode. In an interesting twist, Burr has arranged for the scent's maker to respond to readers' and buyers' questions about his/her creation. Here's how the whole thing will work: any questions posted on this Basenotes forum thread will be forwarded to the perfumer via Burr; the perfumer's responses will then be published on the forum thread.

Whilst we await the revelation of the perfumer's identity, check out this extract from Burr's description of the scent, as published on OpenSky:

This is one of the greatest Byronesque beauties I’ve ever experienced. Windswept moors, cold rough seas, rocky cliffs tempest tossed, the genre’s entire panoply of tropes with no irony in sight, and yet you buy it, not (not for an instant) despite yourself but with a lifting soul, courage renewed, and a sense of adventure. If Robert Louis Stevenson had done a celebrity scent, this would have been it.

Intrigued? I certainly am.


PS If you'd rather not post your questions in a public setting, you can email them directly to Burr at chandlerburr at gmail dot com.

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  1. Thank you for this interesting read.mim going to be emailing Mr Chandler. I hope I get to read more from you soon and that you get to hear from me again soon.


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