Friday, 2 August 2013

Persolaise Review: Perfume Calligraphy Rose from Aramis (perfumer unknown; 2013)

When Aramis released their commendable Perfume Calligraphy, I saw the move as an attempt to corner the Arabic sector of the chest-beating, alpha-male, testosterone-fuelled territory the brand has long claimed as its own. So I was quite taken aback when I first tried this new follow-up to the scent. For a composition made by such a manly brand, Perfume Calligraphy Rose is shockingly feminine, a sort of cross between the girly hues of Gorilla Perfume's Imogen Rose and Amouage's Lyric Man. Soft, powdery and, as its name would suggest, almost completely rosy, it marks a welcome attempt to offer guys a composition that isn't a mind-numbing re-hash of the woody, ambery, citrus accords prominent in far too many current masculines. There is a quiet, animalic leather lurking in the background, and the spices bolstering the central floral accord are by no means inconspicuous, but in the main, this is rose all the way, unfurling its charm with the sort of unostentatious confidence younger men now display when they hug each other in public. Well worth embracing!

[Review based on a sample of eau de parfum provided by Aramis in 2013.]



  1. Dearest Persolaise
    Such a very true review.
    Though I am given to roses anyhow, I found this to be a particularly delicious and even delicate rose... which is of course considered to be rather a manly sort of scent in much of the Middle East.
    On Aramis generally, of course the war horse itself, though a marvel, is pretty male by today's standards (though not compared to say Cabochard)the collection includes such gems as Devin and 900 that are uncommonly beautiful (as opposed to handsome)for man-marketed perfume of the period.In fact I'd go so far as to say they're very wearable by women!
    So perhaps this is a return to the company's estimable heritage...
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dandy, yes, you're right, it is very delicate. And you've made me think I need to revisit some of the older Aramis creations. I've always been fond of JHL...

  2. I want to try this based on your review but its hard to find. Any suggestions? thanks

    1. Patriciacha, thanks for stopping by. You'll need to find a shop near you which stocks the more 'exclusive' Lauder/Aramis fare. For instance, in the UK, this particular scent is stocked at Harrods.


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