Monday, 10 June 2013

Death By Candy: Eva Wiseman On The Power Of Scent

A few weeks ago, the consistently readable Eva Wiseman addressed the topic of scent in her Observer Magazine column. Here's an extract:
I often think about M&M's World. It's a sweets mall in Leicester Square that appears to have been built from comedowns, the adopted home of anxiety disorders, where M&Ms stand around, 6ft tall, eyes the size of cats, pretending they're people. And I think about it often because I read that, having built this candy cathedral, they realised it didn't quite work – because all M&Ms bags are sealed. The place smelled of nothing. So they commissioned a chocolate scent, which they spray through the vents. There are too many painful metaphors here. To write them down would be to admit defeat.
I feel a massive scent backlash coming on...

To read the rest of the piece, please click here.



  1. I've actually been there! I was very disappointed at the fact everything was sealed and lovely aroma of candy and chocolate was absent. There is actually a chocolate restaurant I take my wife too once in a while (yes, a chocolate restaurant where they only serve chocalattey food)... and the one thing that attracts us is the scent of fresh chocolate being brewed.

    I am into perfumes and scents myself, and I believe it contains something of a happy chemical closely related to love. I just happened to stumble on your website :)

    - HOP

    1. HOP, thanks for your comment. A chocolate restaurant sounds like the sort of place I'd love to visit!


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