Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Persolaise Review: Hellstone + The Bug from Gorilla Perfume (Simon & Mark Constantine; 2012)

Hellstone neatly sums up both what's right and wrong with Gorilla's Volume 2 scents. On the one hand, it features an excellent accord: vetivert, cumin and opoponax brought together by jojoba oil (rather than alcohol) to create a suitably incendiary landscape, in which fire and smoke mingle with sin and sweat. But on the other hand, it offers little beyond this accord. Without the support of contrasting elements to help its wicked character stand out, the central idea plays itself out fairly quickly and ends up stopping short of its intended destination. In another words, it's not quite as hellish as it should've been. But then, Purgatory-stone wouldn't have made such a catchy name.

In some ways, The Bug is a better representation of infernal nightmares. Supposedly inspired by our culture's Orwellian insistence on 'transparency' and 24/7 surveillance, it is an unfathomable cocktail which smells almost exactly like dirty water draining out of a washing machine. If I had to be more specific, I'd say it carries whiffs of metal, pepper, a vague floral note, strong fabric softener and urban grime, but I'm afraid I can't do better than that. As unpleasant as it is strange, it provides more proof that the Constantines have no qualms about delving into bizarre olfactory territories. I found it off-putting in the extreme... but Dante would've loved it.

[Review based on samples provided by Gorilla Perfume in 2012.]


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