Monday, 25 March 2013

First Shortlists For 2013 FiFi UK Awards

The first few shortlists for this year's FiFi UK Awards have been announced and, as ever, they make for interesting reading. I'm always fascinated to discover which scents the industry chooses to single out over others. Cast your eyes over the following (the links are to my own reviews, where applicable):

Best New Female Fragrance
Coco Noir - Chanel
Dot - Marc Jacobs
Le Parfum edt - Elie Saab
Florabotanica - Balenciaga
Infusion D'Iris Absolue - Prada
Le Petite Robe Noire edp - Guerlain
Pétale Noir - Agent Provocateur

In this most mainstream of categories, I suppose the only surprising entry is the Agent Provocateur, which seemed to slip under everybody's radar last year, although I didn't think it was bad at all. Personally, I'm pleased to see that Guerlain's little black dress has been included, and I still maintain that Florabotanica does what it does quite well. On a slightly different note, did you notice how noir the list is?

Best New Male Fragrance
James Bond 007
Bergamotto Di Calabria - Acqua Di Parma
Boss Bottled Sport - Hugo Boss
Encounter - Calvin Klein
Luna Rossa - Prada
Noir - Tom Ford
Spicebomb - Viktor & Rolf

I'll do my best to ignore the inclusion of the mind-numbing James Bond scent and instead focus on the fact that the judges have seen fit to nominate Tom Ford's Noir (one of my favourites of last year) as well as Spicebomb, which is a commendable piece of work, by mainstream standards.

Best New Female Fragrance In Limited Distribution
Nacre - Armani Prive
Blackberry & Bay - Jo Malone
Volutes - Diptyque
Haute Parfumerie [sic] - Terry De Gunzburg
Café Rose - Tom Ford Private Blend

It's always tricky working out what's eligible for this category, because it depends on the number of outlets in which a scent is available. In recent years, this is where Serge Lutens' releases have appeared, but I see that this time around, Santal Majuscule hasn't been recognised. A pity. On the other hand, I'm thrilled by the presence of the Liz Earle. Incidentally, the Terry De Gunzburg entry is obviously some sort of mistake; the brand hasn't released a scent called Haute Parfumerie.

Best New Male Fragrance In Limited Distribution
Amazingreen - Comme Des Garcons
Amyris Homme - Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Colonia Intensa Oud - Acqua Di Parma
Fetish Pour Homme parfum - Roja Parfums
Nuit Étoilée - Annick Goutal

Not the most inspiring shortlist imaginable, apart from the mention of Roja Dove's Fetish, which was easily one of last year's finest leathers. The Lalique is pretty good too, in its own, Fahrenheit-wannabe way.

More shortlists are going to be announced on a regular basis as we approach the awards ceremony on 16th May. Needless to say, I'm particularly interested in the Perfume Extraordinaire and Best Independent Perfume categories, as I'm one of the judges for them. Watch this space for more news...



  1. Oh wow, I'm pleased to see Liz Earle in the limited distribution category. This was my favourite release from last year and I cant get enough of it, I have become addicted! Good to see Tom Ford's Noir is there too. Love this fragrance, my favourite masculine of last year, and it works really well on a woman too!

    1. Glad to see someone else likes the Liz Earle. And yes, Noir is great stuff, isn't it? :-)

    2. Was really impressed with Liz Earle too - breaking the mould with a high dose of naturals plus some synthetics. Also I seem to recall full disclosure on the ingredients listing.

    3. Karen, yes, I think the disclosure was probably as 'full' as we're ever going to get. And I agree that there seemed to be lots of wonderful stuff in the perfume.

  2. Dear Persolaise
    A week ago I would have probably been spitting feathers over the inclusion of Guerlain's little black dress on the shortlist, but I've had a damascene conversion and now am able to enjoy it thoroughly, would even go as far as to say that all round it could be the best of this pick.
    You're quite right it just takes a little time to adjust to a self-consciously youthful Guerlain.

    Where is Santal Majascule?!? Excellent point.

    Noir is the only male in the main pack that I would even consider buying - after being momentarily taken with Spicebomb I find its structure doesn't stand up under close inspection.

    The Roja Dove is an excellent leather, but I can't help feel you're being a little hard on the Lalique. I would have thought it had aspirations to Dior's boutique ouds rather than looking backwards to Fahrenheit, though there is the violet I suppose.

    Interesting as always...

    Will look forward to your picks and please Booker Prize style stories of jury falling outs...

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dandy, I really think La Petite is all right. It's a thousand times better than most of the stuff aimed at the same age bracket.

      Here's to Booker-style stories...


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