Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chanel 1932 Winner!

Image: Chanel

Sincere thanks to all of you who entered last week's draw for a sample of Chanel's brand new 1932. I genuinely enjoyed reading all your comments. However, we can have only one winner and according to Random.org, that lucky person is


Congrats! Please send your address to persolaise at gmail dot com and your prize will be on its way to you.

To everyone else: stay tuned for more give-aways in the weeks to come...


PS Don't you wish the prize had been the ring in the picture?


  1. i better not make bigger wishes like for rings because smaller wishes such as for chanel 1932 are already difficult to materialize :)

    1. FMC, one day, one of those wishes will come true, I'm sure ;-)


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