Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Le Snob On The Blogosphere

Things are super hectic at Maison Persolaise. Yes, this is partly because of the excitement generated by the release of my book (about which I'm not complaining one bit), but it's also a result of trying to get back into normal routines after what can only be described as an inordinately long holiday. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised: if Madame P and I insist on leaving these shores for such ridiculous lengths of time, we have to expect a few difficulties upon our return. The whole situation makes me chuckle, because I've never thought of myself as a 'work hard, play hard' type of person, but I guess that's who I am. Isn't that what medical students are famous for: giving 110% to their studies, and then putting on the most raucous parties known to humanity? Perhaps, in my younger days, I should've chosen to don lab coats and stethoscopes...

Whilst you're pondering that image, please allow me to bring a few links to your attention. Several blogs have very generously mentioned my book since it was published last week and I'd like to thank them for their support. They are: Now Smell This, Bois De Jasmin, 1000 Fragrances, Perfume Shrine and The Chic Geek. Please click on their titles to be taken to their articles about Le Snob: Perfume.

I'm off to multi-task... probably unsuccessfully,


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