Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The First Review Of My Book + The Work Of Tonwen Jones

Image: Tonwen Jones

As I can't take any credit for the visual design of my book, I think it's all right for me to say that it looks absolutely wonderful. The fonts, the layout, the rounded corners of the pages and various other subtle touches all imbue the whole with a sense of understated luxury. But if there's one aspect that stands out from all the others - and immediately generates compliments - it's the illustrations by Brighton-based artist, Tonwen Jones.

Although I've never met her, we have exchanged a few tweets in which she's informed me that all her images started life as bona fide, old-fashioned, A5-size water colours. She then outlined these in black ink, before scanning them and subjecting them to a bit of digital wizardry. The results are charm itself and I can't wait for all of you to see them.

In the meantime, click here for the very first review Le Snob: Perfume, which appeared last week on The Women's Room. I'm thrilled to say that it's a good one!



  1. Yay! This makes me very happy.

    Sadly, I fear I may perish before receiving my copy.


    1. Carrie, thanks. It makes me pretty happy too.

      And please don't perish just yet! Hang on in there a little bit longer!

  2. This is very exciting news about your book - and those illustrations are smashing! If there is any justice in this world, the book should be, too! Can't wait to buy it! Just because...one should support the starving srtists, or there won't be any left! ;-) The best of luck to you with..only everything!

    1. Tarleisio, thank you so much. I genuinely appreciate your support and kind words. I hope you enjoy the book!


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