Friday, 28 September 2012

Persolaise Review: Fragrances Of Leather (Angel, Alien & Womanity) + A*Men Pure Leather from Thierry Mugler + Printemps from Laggridore (2012)

I wonder if the clever folk at Parfums Mugler are being economical with the truth. They've claimed that in order to create their latest quartet of limited editions, all they've done is pour the original versions of their signature scents into vats containing strips of specially made leather. That's it. No other tweaks. No other additions. Having worn the perfumes, I confess I find this difficult to believe.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Win A Copy Of My Book!

Image: Tonwen Jones

The countdown begins! In exactly one week, my book - Le Snob: Perfume - should be available on Amazon UK. But if you can't wait until the official publication date, here's a chance to win your very own copy.

Friday, 21 September 2012

A List For Falling Leaves - Scents For Autumn

It's joint-list-making time again. On this occasion, it's Barney's turn to choose our theme and he's drawn inspiration from that touch of dampness in the air... the plunging temperatures... the sight of bare branches. In short, he's decided we should present our top picks for autumn 2012. I confess, I rarely view perfumes in relation to the seasons, but this particular exercise turned out to be far more thought-provoking than I'd expected it to be, not least because I found myself having very strong opinions about which scents are not autumnal. But anyway, without further ado, here are my recommendations for that very particular time of year when you start feeling the urge to turn up your collar.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The First Review Of My Book + The Work Of Tonwen Jones

Image: Tonwen Jones

As I can't take any credit for the visual design of my book, I think it's all right for me to say that it looks absolutely wonderful. The fonts, the layout, the rounded corners of the pages and various other subtle touches all imbue the whole with a sense of understated luxury. But if there's one aspect that stands out from all the others - and immediately generates compliments - it's the illustrations by Brighton-based artist, Tonwen Jones.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Persolaise Review: Coco Noir from Chanel and Grand Bal from Christian Dior (2012)

Whilst watching Joe Wright's over-egged version of Anna Karenina, I wondered if the impeccably groomed counts and countesses waltzing across the screen could possibly have worn François Demachy's new Grand Bal (the latest addition to Dior's Collection Privée). In the end, I decided that the answer was No, but I hasten to point out that this is by no means a criticism.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Jean-Claude Ellena Winner + My Book's Arrived!

Many thanks to all of you who entered last week's draw and left such interesting, thought-provoking comments. It's always fascinating to discover how other people approach the 'art vs craft' debate in relation to perfumery.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Persolaise Review: Déclaration D'Un Soir + Eau De Cartier Essence De Bois from Cartier + Colonia Intensa Oud from Acqua Di Parma (2012)

Mathilde Laurent makes no secret of the fact that she loves cashmeran. The synthetic musk's intriguing scent profile - sweaty, bitter and prep-school hygienic - can be detected in several of her creations, from Roadster to L’Heure Défendue. She's not alone in her devotion: the IFF material forms a key component of a wide range of modern fragrances, including Dominique Ropion's Alien and Maurice Roucel's Dans Tes Bras. It goes without saying that there's nothing wrong with perfumers favouring and revisiting certain ingredients. But I suspect that Laurent's latest masculine for Cartier, Déclaration D'Un Soir, would have benefited if someone had advised her to curb her cashmeran compulsion.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Win A Signed Copy Of Jean-Claude Ellena's New Book

I haven't quite managed to get back onto the frenetic merry-go-round that I fondly call Normal Life (my soul is still on a lilo, bobbing along to the tune of Mediterranean waves), but as promised, here's the long-awaited draw for a signed copy of Jean-Claude Ellena's The Diary Of A Nose. Slim and contemplative, the book raises more questions than it answers, which is another way of saying that it serves as an excellent companion to its author's enigmatic, deceptively transparent fragrances.


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