Monday, 4 June 2012

Is Alien Leaving Planet Earth? + The Latest From Grossmith

As many of you are no doubt aware, I don't often publish press release-style news on these pages: there are plenty of other sites which do an excellent job of providing up-to-date info of that nature. But there's one perfume which doesn't seem to have received a great deal of cyber-coverage, so I've taken it upon myself to bring it to your attention.

Diamond Jubilee Bouquet 2012 is a new limited edition from Grossmith, the brand which was successfully revived a few years ago by Simon and Amanda Brooke. Back in 1897, the venerable English house produced a scent to mark Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee, so this latest creation marks what you might call the establishment of a tradition... although heaven only knows when there might be a need for another diamond jubilee perfume!

I have been fortunate enough to receive a sample of DJB, but I haven't tried it yet, so I'm afraid I must turn to the marketing blurb for help on what to tell you about it. Reportedly a "creamy floral", it contains notes of narcissus, rose, vanilla, amber and hawthorn. Only 500 bottles will be produced and a percentage of all sales will be donated to the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Trust. All being well, I should be able to post a review of it here before too long, but I wanted to let you all know about its availability without delay, as I expect it'll sell out fairly quickly. Here endeth the cutting and pasting.

Whilst I'm in a disseminating mood, I'll just mention Chandler Burr's latest venture on OpenSky. It's called the Untitled Series, and every month, it'll see the sale of a limited number of bottles of an anonymous scent, in plain, lab-style containers. The identity of the perfume will be revealed on the last day of the month, just in time for the start of the next secret sale. In a somewhat inexplicable move, each fragrance will be coded in the manner of a TV programme: Season 1 Episode 1, Season 1 Episode 2, and so on. I confess I'm intrigued by the enterprise, not least because it raises the usual questions about the merits of blind testing. I, for one, prefer to know if a scent I'm wearing is called Enter The Boudoir or Summer Meadow, but then, if the Untitled Series makes us all fall in love with Escada's Taj Sunset, it'll certainly have proved some sort of point. I'll definitely be watching OpenSky with interest, but I won't be buying any episodes myself because... yes, you guessed it, only US residents are currently allowed to make purchases. 

Finally - and, perhaps, most importantly - I have been informed that IFRA may have set their sights on Cashmeran, a beautiful, velvety, intimate-smelling synthetic musk from IFF. The material is vital to the formulae of fragrances such as Alien (Mugler), Dans Tes Bras (Frederic Malle) and Wonderwood (Comme Des Garçons) as well as much of the work of Mathilde Laurent. Please bear in mind that a restriction on the usage of Cashmeran has not yet been confirmed: we won't know exactly what's happening until IFRA release their next Amendment in a few weeks. But even so... perhaps it's time to stock up.



  1. I was so so happy to see that you have a blog! You may remember commenting on some pieces I wrote that were in Basenotes..particularly "Emily Lucrezia and Zelda" and some others from I am no longer writing on the blog as my husband underwent several serious surgeries over the past few years and my focus as been on him and surviving that difficult time. But I am so thrilled to have found you . You may not realize how your words of encouragement on my modest writing skills were such a wonderful thing for you to do as your lovely comments were such a bright spot during those sad times. I remember thinking that you are such a truly kind and thoughtful person as you frequently had encouraging words for many of the writers.

    Your piece is fabulous and I am going to be one of your most avid readers as I so much enjoy your interesting, insightful comments that are so far removed from the often narrow and not too interesting approaches on other blogs.

    I am beyond delighted to have found you as I havent checked back on Basenotes in a long time.which is where we were in contact..when I saw that you have a blog I was very pleased!.

    I think you will become a top scent blogger as you bring an element to your writing that is accessible and full of heart....

    My best wishes to you and yours from me, my husband and are two terribly spoiled rescued Boxers, Mannie and Vito. Although it is a hot day here in the states, I today wear Nuit de Noel for a wonderful contrast to the light and airy scents that others have donned and in honor of the kind comments you once made regarding a piece I had written"Christmas Eve 1922" ...

    I consider finding you and this blog as a very fortuitous event! Have a wonderful holiday.

    1. Michelle, thanks very much indeed for taking the time to write. I'm pleased that you've made it through the challenging times you describe.


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