Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Playing With Pyramids Again

Image: Chanel

Above you'll find an image that's featured in the press pack of the new Chanel flanker: Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême. I've published it here as I think it marks an interesting attempt to move away from the usual  pyramid approach. Putting aside the question of the fragrance's aesthetic merits, I have to say that this 'diamond diagram' does actually provide a pretty accurate sense of how Jacques Polge has constructed his latest piece of work. The musks are, indeed, the most prominent facet, followed by the woods. And although the aromatic elements are present, they form a sort of outline, as suggested by the graphic.

It'll be interesting to see if the marketing departments of other fragrance houses follow this style.



  1. ciao Persolaise,
    this is very interesting, a visual balance of the scent instead of only a simply voltaile section of a perfume.
    i agree that is a better and simple insight for perfume lovers to understand better what is "under".
    thank you

    1. Ciao Dario,

      It makes a welcome change, doesn't it? And at least it makes it clear that the various elements constantly interact with each other.

  2. Very interesting concept. I think the perfume is atrocious but your pyramid post reminded me of Alec Lawless and his conceptual pyramid. I think his concept fits better with today's synthetic ingredients that do not have a conventional temporal behavior

    RIP Alec Lawless

    1. Christos, thanks for writing. Yes, I remember thinking that AL's structure was quite interesting. Perhaps I ought to revisit it.


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