Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How Hard Would You Work For Vintage Diorissimo?

I think it's time for a bit of fun! During my recent trip to Dubai, I was overjoyed to discover that Mamma Persolaise had been looking after several miniature flacons for me, most of which have now been added to my collection here in the UK. She was also kind enough to part with a nearly-full bottle of vintage Diorissimo EDT... so - in a rare moment of munificence - I thought I could use these two acts of kindness as inspiration for a contest.

Below you'll find photos of seven of the miniatures. Your job is to guess the scents and their respective brands. The person who achieves the highest score will win:

  • a sample of the aforementioned vintage Diorissimo (just in time for the 1st of May)*
  • a sample of vintage Dioressence (from a bottle I managed to find at the Sharjah Souq)
  • a brand new bottle (approx. 7 ml) of an excellent khus attar made by Ajmal

You'll get one point for getting the name of each scent correct and one point for identifying the brand. In the event of a tie, a draw will be used to select the winner.

Please send your entries as an email to persolaise at gmail dot com. Don't leave your answers as a comment on this post otherwise everyone else will be able to see them. Finally, please read the Terms & Conditions below before you enter.

Good luck... and please don't feel you have to recognise all the bottles before sending an entry. I've deliberately included a few obscure oddities.


* Speaking of lily of the valley scents, some of you may be interested to learn that Guerlain's Muguet 2012 (by Thierry Wasser) is available at Harrods until the 1st of May. The London store will stock only 38 bottles of the fragrance, each of which contains 60 ml of juice and costs £355. I'll take two.



3 (notice my subtle removal of the scent's name)



6 (see #3 above)


Competition Terms & Conditions

i) the competition will be closed at 10 pm (UK time) on Tuesday 1st May; ii) the winner will be selected according to the rules above and will be announced on this blog on Wednesday 2nd May; iii) readers from anywhere in the world are eligible to enter; iv) relatives of anyone associated with are not permitted to enter; v) by entering the competition, you indicate that customs regulations in your country permit you to receive an alcohol-based perfume; vi) the winner's address will not be kept on record by Persolaise, nor will it be passed to any third parties; vii) if the winner has not made contact with me by Wednesday 9th May, an alternative winner may be selected.

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    Please visit tomorrow to find out if you've won.


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