Monday, 30 April 2012

Alberto Morillas - Exclusive Q&A

Below, I'm pleased to be able to reproduce Alberto Morillas' responses to an interview conducted by a Carita representative. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible for me to send any follow-up questions to Mr Morillas, but as they stand, his replies do offer a few insights into how he views the creation of the new Carita eau de parfum and his work as a perfumer.

Did you know the Carita brand before you worked on the creation of their fragrance? What did it represent for you?

Alberto Morillas: Yes, of course I knew the brand. Carita represented a different and rather exceptional brand, confidential, very high quality… luxurious and expensive. And an adventure by two individuals. Adventures are great…

Can you sum up the history behind this fragrance in a few words?

AM: It is above all a warm and caressing texture, very skin-like and silky. The physical aspect was fundamental, using the white musks I like so much. Then I came up with ideas of fresh and powdery flowers for sophistication and ultra-femininity. Finally, I worked with woody and very modern accents to anchor this creation firmly in the 21st century.

Did you select the components on the basis of their connection with Carita’s philosophy and history?

AM: I choose ingredients for their fragrance, not their history. However, looking back, I realise that most of the ingredients I have chosen are innovative in terms of their fragrance and chemistry, and sensitive… this fits rather well with the brand.

Finally, does this fragrance have the makings of a great perfume? What other fragrance would you compare it to? 

AM: Yes, it has the makings of a great fragrance, I know it: thanks to its materials, its quality, its price and most importantly because it came into being naturally, with happiness. The customer will always feel this in the end. I could view it as an heir to L'Heure Bleue.


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