Friday, February 3, 2012

Persolaise Review: Spicebomb from Viktor & Rolf (2012)

Please click here to be taken to Glass Magazine, where you'll find my review of the latest masculine from Viktor & Rolf.


  1. Great review. I tried this is in Harrods yesterday and then spent the next hour wracking my brains as to what it reminded me of - I'm sure it's something I used to smell a few years ago in a 'blockbuster' perfume.

    It's not bad and I'll go back for another test but I doubt I'll be purchasing.

  2. Kev, thanks very much indeed.

    I thought that, in many ways, it was a toned down version of CdG Synthetic Tar.

  3. Got it! Tea for Two.

    Basenotes Petruccijc jogged my memory

  4. No spice? Well, I guess it's not too shocking considering Flowerbomb isn't really a floral.

    I love Tea for Two (and smoky scents in general). Sounds worth trying if there's a resemblance...

  5. "Stealthbomb" made me cackle out loud! The seed's been planted; it's only a matter of time before V&R get around to it.

  6. Kev, Tea For Two? Really? There is a faint tea note in Spicebomb, but it was more Earl Gray as opposed TFT's Lapsang. Still, if you detected a touch of Artisan in there, that's fair enough.

  7. Elisa, Spicebomb is a very safe, mainstream product. It'll be interesting to see how it sells.

  8. Olenska, you never know. I prefer Smokebomb myself...


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