Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Back To The Jasmines One Last Time

There's nothing like a Top Secret Writing Project to make time fly. I told myself I mustn't wait too long before letting you all know a bit more about the Jasmine ceremony, but a week's already gone past and I haven't posted a single thing. So I'm taking a half-hour break to fill you in on a few details.

The two hours Madame P and I spent at Bafta HQ last Wednesday were as thrilling as the weather outside was cold. Being short-listed next to the likes of Jo Fairley, Cosmo and Elle was exciting enough, but winning was like getting an extra dollop of icing on an already far-too-sinful cake. Even more gratifying was the fact that the judges had chosen to recognise not only my writing but my blog, which, unless I'm mistaken, marked the first time a fully independent, advertising-free, one-person-show was awarded a Jasmine. Yes, I did put British self-deprecation aside for a brief moment and gave myself a quick pat on the back.

More excitement: at the start of the ceremony, Peter Norman, Chairman of Fragrance Foundation UK, announced that all of the day's winners would form the jury for the Best Independent Perfume category at this year's FiFi UK awards, as well as for one other, rather mysterious category.

Even more excitement: as I was leaving Bafta, I bumped into none other than Richard Curtis - who'd also attended the event - and thanked him for Blackadder and Four Weddings. (Sorry, this was a real 'writing geek' moment, but it will remain with me for a very long time indeed.)

And final bit of excitement: amidst all the other excitement, I'd completely forgotten to announce that a day before the Jasmines, let me know that I'd come second in their Blog Of The Year competition. Thanks very much indeed to all of you who voted. That particular bit of news came as a wholly unexpected, delightful surprise.

So there you go. I need something to calm me down again after writing all that. Persolaise has been a very lucky blogger these last few days, and that is at least partly because of all your support and encouragement. Thank you!

Right, enough of this gushing. Time to stiffen upper lips and get back to more pressing matters... speaking of which, I hope to be able to let the cat out of the perfumed bag very soon. Keep watching this space.

Ciao for now,


PS Taking a picture of a transparent, highly reflective award isn't easy.


  1. I tried to congratulate you when you posted tnat you'd won, but dingoes ate my post. So belated congratulations to you!! ;-)

    I absolutely get that geek moment. It's lovely to be able to thank someone like that.

  2. Congratulations again Persolaise :) I'm sure you're smiling like a Cheshire cat these days. Well done!

  3. Tania, thanks very much indeed. I'm sorry about your earlier comment. Blogger is extremely unreliable at times!

    And yes, meeting Mr Curtis was very cool.

  4. Memoryofscent, many thanks to you.

  5. Liam, thank you... and yes, a part of me is smiling, but I'm afraid most of my attention is on the TSWP.

  6. Did you end the night singing the Goblin song? I think I would have given in to that temptation, after celebrating such an occasion! (Not to Richard Curtis, of course, because that would be Too Much.)

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  7. Anna, do you know, the thought had crossed my mind... ;-)


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