Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming Up For Air

Just in case you were wondering: yes, I'm still alive and I'm still tapping away at the keyboard. Hopefully, it won't be too long before I can tell you what I'm working on. To those of you who've offered help and support with questions, ideas, cups of tea etc: many, many thanks.

Ciao for now,



  1. Breathe in, out, in, out... Enjoy it.

    We're still here. Well, at least some of us :)

  2. Hi,it's nice to see you back from wherever you were... :)

  3. Undina, thank you.

    I'll be back pretty soon... I hope...

  4. Marcopietro, thanks. But I'm not really back. Not yet, anyway ;-)

  5. I am making a big effort and managing to suspend my suspense.

    Look forward to the big reveal!

  6. Vanessa, don't strain yourself! I'm sure the whole thing will seem like an anti-climax after all this hype.


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